Not hobbits, though, but humans from WORLDCONNECT (WC) packed their suitcases and headed out to the land of middle earth to visit the students that have so far been successfully sent by WC.

WORLDCONNECT Consultancy Services Inc.’s President, Catherine Altarejos, and Vice-President, Alfredo Ubaña, along with WC’s Documentation Head, Angelli Marollano, and Administrative Officer, Ma. Rowena Sibug, travelled to the land of Kiwi to personally see how the students they have so far helped fly to NZ to study are doing.

The schools that the WC contingent visited included Waiariki Institute of Technology in Rotorua, EDENZ Colleges, National Institute of Education and Auckland Institute of Studies.

Even though Gandalf couldn’t make it, the WC management and staff had a wonderful time with its clients as they merrily chatted and exchanged warm hellos over a meal.

If you want to experience the adventure that is New Zealand, visit any WC branch in the Philippines now and find out how you can study and eventually migrate in the land of hobbits, dwarves, elves and some of the best that nature has to offer!