Wizards of Oz? Perhaps you had that quizzical look on your face when you read the title. What does something that sounds like that classic novel from L. Frank Baum have to do with a WorldConnect conference, you ask.

Well, just like what WC Vice-President Al Ubaña said in his opening message, a wizard is someone who is dazzlingly skilled in his field. And because Australia has eased up a bit with its student visa requirements, the focus for the rest of year is Oz, as in the land down under Oz, hence, the aptly titled midyear conference ‘Wizards of Oz’ for WorldConnect’s 2016 Midyear Conference, which was held from June 2-4 in the province of Albay.

This time around, WorldConnect Legazpi hosted the event. With the strategically and wonderfully located Red Labuyo restaurant as the venue, participants could see the near-perfect majesty of Mayon Volcano right from where they were seated. And with a restaurant as the venue, you’d expect food to be just within reach whenever someone starts feeling the hunger pangs.

Although the theme was centered on Australian partner schools and student visa requirements, New Zealand tie-ups and student visa updates still took up a good part of the conference. There was also a presentation of a new CRM system that the company has recently signed up for that will not only create a consolidated database of WC’s existing and potential clients, but will also streamline various processes more efficiently.

Of course, what’s a WorldConnect conference without a team-building activity? Forming two teams (Team Wizards of Oz led by VP Al and Team Lords of NZ led by President and CEO Cathy Altarejos) before heading out to the captivating Misibis Bay Resort in Cagraray Island, the delegates practiced their cheerleading numbers and started packing their gear for the exciting getaway. Need we mention whose team won? Well, we’ll leave that for you to guess.

Food. Feast. Fun. Friends. Family. Focus. That’s what WorldConnect conferences are all about. And for clients of the company, you can expect a rejuvenated and reinvigorated staff every time they return from a conference, which then translates to better and more efficient service, all geared towards providing excellent service to its clients, who want to make their lives better by studying and eventually living abroad.

This is the fuel that drives the WorldConnect family to be wizards in what they do.