Glenda Garcia, a registered Physical Therapist in the Philippines (PRTP) is now embarking on a new journey as she pursue  Diploma of Early Childhood and Education and Care at Future Academy in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Her student visa application was granted last March 28, 2017 and took only about two weeks.

Read her testimonial below:

“First it was just a thought and a “what if.” When I got to know WORLDCONNECT, they made me realize that it is possible to turn that mere thought into a dream. They made me dream big again. That was the start of my journey with WCCSI.

From attending the webinars of the ever hard-working and committed Sir Aldin Soneja, who provided me all the information I needed to know and prepare, to the signing up proces and the smooth processing of my application thanks to the WORLDCONNECT team especially Ms. Desiree dela Cruz who’s a very dedicated person, and up until now that I’m all packed up. I still can’t believe that they have made it all possible.

I am a Physical Therapist, and just like many other PTs like me, my heart was also broken by the sudden wave of changes in FCCPT. But life has so much to offer to just to be carried away by failures. I successfully acquired a student visa in a short period of time and WORLDCONNECT contributed so much. They offered a new path for me to take, and I’m really excited for this new journey of my life.

Thank you and all the best to WORLDCONNECT.”