The COVID19 Pandemic set a new normal to the entire Philippines since the wide-out spread of the virus at the start of the year. The whole economy was put into a freeze when the lockdown was ordered and transportation and movements were restricted. Business establishments were also temporarily shut down to mitigate the spread of the virus. These types of arrangements proved to be fatal to some companies leading to their permanent closure

However, WorldConnect Consultancy Services, Inc. proved to be ready and adaptive to take on these challenges. The COVID19 Pandemic did not stop the said company to gather Via Zoom platform last September 4 and 7 to hold its annual Midyear Training and Conference with the theme, “Changes and Challenges: Moving Forward Amidst the Pandemic.”

In the said two-day virtual training headed by the biggest visa consultancy firm in the Philippines and in partnership and collaboration with Ms. Tinette Cortes of ConsultAsia Global, different experts and professionals convened to discuss recent updates on visa processing and the ways on how an individual can perform competently over the virtual world especially during the pandemic where physical contacts are being avoided. Specifically, Ms. Tinette Cortes, ConsultAsia CEO, shared her training modules on Work Attitude Ethics, Personality Development and Confidence Building, and Proactive Sales and Marketing.

(Ms. Tinette Cortes – Founder and CEO of Consultasia Global) –

The Documentation Team headed by Ms. Rose Shiela Dineros, Ms. Alyson Mae Budy, and Ms. Mariz Bueno provided the statistic reports while Ms. Catherine Palayar of the Marketing Department shared the Marketing Sales Report for the period. Ms. Carol Abella, Registered Migration Agent and Former Visa Integrity Officer in the Australia Embassy discussed the Student Visa pathway, tackling different circumstantial conditions under the Student Visa in Australia. Ms. Tinette Cortes closed Day 1 of the conference by leaving pointers on how confidence can be built and personality be developed.

(Ms. Carol Abella – a Registered Migration Agent based in Darwin, Australia)

On the second day of the said training, Mr. Earl Francis Dacara, Immigration Consultant in Canada, shared the Canada Student Visa Pathway, while Mr. Graeme Rennie, WINTEC International Marketing Manager, introduced and discussed the salient features of the said school located in New Zealand.

(a Licensed/Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, a Canadian Licensed Paralegal, Hons. AB, MA, LL.B./J.D (Ph), member in good standing of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) and the Law Society of Ontario (LSO). He is an associate of YSN and Associates Professional Corporation (Paralegals, Barristers, Solicitors) and the Chief Executive Officer of Northern Quest Canadian Immigration Services).

For the afternoon session, Ms. Cortes discussed how sales and marketing can be made more competent in this time of pandemic where virtual means are the immediate and most preferred ways of contact. Right after, the Documentation Team gave updates on the new partner schools of WorldConnect, including their specific information significant to the students’ applications. Further, Ms. Palayar provided a comprehensive Course Fee Guide Matrix to guide the team on the systematic comparison of the partner schools.

Ms. Cathy Altarejos, WorldConnect CEO and owner closed the conference by giving SWOT Analysis and sharing the Best Practices to be employed and adapted in the company. The strategies and goals for the next quarter were also laid out during the said training.

WORLDCONNECT would like to thank the following:
Ms. Tinette Cortes and Consultasia Global
Ms. Carol Abella
Mr. Earl Francis Dacara
Mr. Graeme Rennie and WINTEC