WORLDCONNECT, now on its first decade launched a new way of reaching more Filipinos through the power of digital technology. Through the #WorldConnectWebinar, our reach has extended to Filipinos not just in the Philippines but also hardworking OFWs across the globe.

Too busy to make the trip to one of the WORLDCONNECT centers in your area? You couldn’t make it to one of our grand orientation seminars? Are you currently working overseas? 

You no longer have to personally visit our office to attend our orientations seminars. WORLDCONNECT also hosts webinars!

Webinars are easier, more convenient way to attend seminars, primarily because it all happens online. You can attend lectures and presentations, or even interact with a presenter or fellow participants through video conference technology.

WORLDCONNECT Webinars are absolutely free. You just need to register to any of the webinar events we are promoting and you’ll be able to attend our orientation seminars and engage with us without leaving the comfort of your home or making the trip to one of our offices.

Here is a comprehensive guide on how to register and attend a #WorldConnectWebinar.

1. Registering for a webinar event

There are two ways to register to our webinar.

Method 1: Social Media. You can comment your email address to an advert on our official Facebook page and you will be added to the email invite list. The email will give you the link to confirm your registration.



Method 2: Direct registration. This way is faster and easier since you can skip the invitation via email by just going directly to the registration page of the webinar event. Just provide your full name and email address and you’re good to go! Be sure to still check your email for the confirmation and the details and instructions.



2. Attending the webinar

After you’re registered to the webinar, an email confirmation will be sent to you with the details and where to proceed when the seminar goes live.

Take note of the link (see image below) for that’s that link to the webinar room. You may copy it down or bookmark it on your browser for faster access.



In the sample email above, the seminar will be on September 27, 2017 at 2:00 PM, including the link of the webinar  If you click the Join button before that time and date, you will be directed to the seminar’s waiting room until the event goes live.

waiting room

IMPORTANT: Make sure that your browser has the flash player enabled. ■