About Us


immigration consultancy

immigration consultancy

WORLDCONNECT Consultancy  Services, Inc. is an immigration consultancy firm duly licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to operate and cater specifically to Filipinos who wish to study in Australia, New Zealand, or Canada. It is also a member of the New Zealand Philippines Business Council, and its president, Catherine Altarejos, is a recognized New Zealand Specialist Agent.


Our Services

  • Provides Free Orientation and Assessment
  • Assist in visa application
  • Provides airport pickup
  • Provides training necessary for visa application
  • Assist settlement/accommodation
  • Landing Assistance


WORLDCONNECT Consultancy Services, Inc. envisions itself to be the leading Student Visa Assistance and immigration consultancy in the Philippines, aimed at changing for the better the lives of those who want to study in New Zealand, Australia, or Canada.


Through excellent education and immigration advice, it is our mission to make our clients’ dreams of studying and living in New Zealand, Australia, or Canada come true. Although our efforts are client-centric, we also endeavor to give our own staff members a sense of fulfillment and entitlement in the work that they do, making them realize that they have a major role and responsibility in changing someone’s future.


  • To delight customers with high quality and cost-efficient career planning and immigration service
  • To provide good working relationship towards our clients and partners
  • To establish a strong market presence in the Philippines
  • To achieve staff satisfaction though clear career path, job security and economic gains